NEW TEAM BACKPACK CYPHER! Zumbi of Zion I x Okwerdz x Shark Sinatra Prod. by Chase Moore!!

Another Team Backpack classic with Shark Sinatra & Zumbi of the legendary Zion I Crew!!

HMCIG still #2 on Snoop Dogg’s Video Countdown!!

We still on the countdown at #2 this week, the group that got number 1 didnt have any votes im assuming theres a higher agenda at work so we basically did the best we could on this one thank you all for your votes! we are still more than grateful to still be promoted by Snoop for at least a couple more weeks! cheaa!

HMCIG Featured on Snoop Dogg’s GGN News Show!!

at about 8 minutes into this weeks GGN Snoop featured hate me cuz im great while the lovely Gia twerks and reports the news! HUGE HONOR!

HMCIG gets #1 on Snoop Doggs Video Countdown!!

we are honored to even be on this list thank you all for voting!!

Hate Me Cuz I’m Great makes #8 on Snoop Dogg’s Video Countdown!! VOTE FOR US!

we are honored to announce that Snoop Dogg selected me & Dirtbag Dan’s Hate Me Cuz I’m Great video for his Underground Heat video countdown!!

We need your support & votes to keep us on the countdown and get us to the #1 spot on Friday! to vote all you gotta do is:

Leave the comment “Okwerdz & Dirtbag Dan Hate Me Cuz I’m Great” on the countdown video above

then get on Twitter and tweet “Okwerdz & Dirtbag Dan Hate Me Cuz I’m Great #UndergroundHeat”

much appreciated to all our supporters who helped get this video where it is now! lets take it even further!

Okwerdz TV: KOTD Battle of the Bay 6 Behind the Scenes video!

Okwerdz TV is back with the first look at KOTD’s Battle of the Bay 6!

BOTB 6 Prediction Blog!!

Back with another breakdown on who wins and why at Battle of the Bay 6! See you next weekend!

Hate Me Cuz I’m Great Music Video BACK ONLINE!!

as most of you know Youtube took down Dirtbag Dan & mine’s video Hate Me Cuz im Great offline for unknown reason and we have been reaching out to YT ever since with no luck at reaching them! So we have teamed up with DJ Vlad and they just reuploaded the video to their channel with over 400,000 subscribers! If u missed the video as much as we did give it another few watches, share it around and help us get it back to the views it once had before it was unfairly taken down!

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