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We are living in an era where it seems like everybody that you come across is an aspiring rapper. Many of the most talented rap artists often the lack the motivation and connections that more lackluster rhymers posses that will enable them to shine. However, combining both jaw-dropping artistry and good old fashioned hard nosed hustle, Okwerdz is a ray of hope for those who yearn to experience a rapper with mind blowing skills, mass appeal, and a tremendous work ethic to match.

Born and raised in California’s central valley in ’murder capital’ Stockton, CA- Okwerdz (known to his fans as Okweezy and friends as Brian Peeples)- utilizes a distinctly west coast swagger and an off-the-wall style unique to himself. He is able to simultaneously remain catchy and straight-forward with understandable and creative hooks and song concepts while delivering them in a dizzying array of complex patterns and rhymeschemes. He is able to sound comfortable over any type of track, and draws influence from all regions and styles of music giving his music a diverse and well structured feel. Okwerdz has worked on music with an impressively diverse roster of artists such as Kool G. Rap, Mistah Fab, Tech N9ne, Rahzel, DJ Green Lantern, Cappadonna, Casual and many more.

His style has proven to be quite influential to rhyme slingers worldwide, and Ok has always prided himself on being ground breaking. A genuine freestyle phenomenon, he is considered one of the most prolific and dominant battle emcees in the history of the west coast. He was one of the first Cali emcees to compete in Scribble Jam, was a runner-up in the legendary Rocksteady Battle in NYC, and has shared the stage freestyling with icons such as Supernatural and Juice. He is such a respected member of the freestyle and battle communities that he often asked to judge major events, and speaks with an authoritative voice.

When he incorporates these impromptu rhymes into his action packed live sets, the crowd is enough amazed and won over for life. This stage show of Okwerdz is quite professional and he is able to keep the crowd engaged even without the use of a hypeman. This is perhaps due to his years of intense touring both domestically and internationally. Ok’s international presence is so ubiquitous, that he even received a certified Gold Record for his contribution to Australian supergroup The Hilltop Hoods “Hard Road: Restrung” album. Ok’s first project that he co-released himself with indie label Back Route Records “Random Acts of Music” in 2005 has  moved over 4,000 units to date despite creative differences with the distribution company. With a thriving network, and youtube channel full of exclusive footage, Okwerdz is inescapable on the internet. This is even more so prevalent since his 2008 dominant return to the battle scene which caught the attention of The Source Magazine, who later honored Okwerdz with the covetted “Unsigned Hype” (Same honor bestowed to legends such as Notorious B.I.G., DMX, Eminem, etc) in the March 2009 Issue and again with “Unsigned Hype Alumni” in the December 2009 issue.

Despite of all his accomplishments, Okwerdz remains down to earth, humble, and as hungry as ever. He is a man of his word, and completely dependable. He also has the charisma, sense of humor, and genuine star power required to captivate people from all walks of life. Okwerdz is as persistent as he is ambitious, so don’t expect him to slow down any time soon. When you juxtapose such a constant and deliberate hustle with such unadulterated passion, the result will be nothing less then total worldwide domination.

“A certified beast” – The Source Magazine